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Organizational Trainings

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Hourly Training

Hourly training with genWHY is ideal if you're seeking targeted insights on specific topics without committing to a full-day or half-day session. Learn more below.


Half-Day Trainings

Considering a half-day training with genWHY is perfect if you aim to delve into the nuances of Generational Diversity, engage in interactive activities, and desire a comprehensive exploration of targeted topics. Learn more below.


Full-Day Training

Opting for a full-day training with genWHY is the way to go if you're looking for a comprehensive deep dive into Generational Diversity, combined with tailored soft-skill related content, team-building exercises, and a dynamic, interactive experience. Learn more below.

Hourly Training

Looking to enrich your lunch-and-learn sessions, off-site events, or career development training? Look no further – genWHY is geared up to not only engage but inspire your employees towards more effective communication. Our repertoire extends far beyond Generational Diversity, delving into a diverse array of soft-skill and leadership topics, all tailored to meet the unique needs of your company.

Choosing genWHY: Going the Extra Mile! When you opt for genWHY for your training needs, you're not just getting a speaker – you're embarking on a transformative journey. Our commitment starts with a pre-training call with your team, ensuring a tailor-made experience that aligns seamlessly with your industry and the specific needs of your attendees.

Post-Presentation Perks: Your Comprehensive Handout! But we don't stop there. Post-presentation, you'll receive a comprehensive handout, a tangible resource packed with key statistics and crucial information. It's not just about the session; it's about providing a lasting tool for continued learning and application, turning your training into a stepping stone toward enhanced communication and professional growth.

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Half-Day Training

Welcome to genWHY's exclusive half-day training sessions – a captivating blend of transformative insights and engaging activities meticulously tailored to your organization's unique needs. Brace yourself for an experience that transcends the ordinary, ensuring your team not only gains knowledge but leaves inspired.

First Three Hours: Deep Dive into Generational Diversity! The initial three hours are dedicated to an immersive exploration of Generational Diversity. Engage in lively discussions, participate in a hilarious generational trivia game, and dive deeper into topics through table talks – an opportunity for attendees to explore key concepts in more depth.

Bonus Topic: Tailor Your Experience After the initial three hours, you have the option to choose a bonus topic from our extensive list or continue to delve into generational diversity for the entire half-day. This flexibility ensures that your training aligns precisely with your organization's goals and priorities.

Crafting a Personalized Experience Prior to the training, indulge in a pre-call where we dedicate an hour to understand your desires and gather essential information about your organization. It's not just a call; it's a collaborative conversation to tailor an experience that resonates with your unique needs.

Comprehensive Handout: A Tangible Keepsake! As the training concludes, you receive a comprehensive handout highlighting key information. It's not just a summary; it's a tangible keepsake that ensures the insights from the training continue to resonate and guide your team long after the session ends.

Ideal for Intimate Gatherings: 50 Attendees Maximum! Designed for an intimate and interactive setting, our half-day trainings cater to small groups of 50 or less attendees. It's not just a training session; it's a collaborative learning experience where every participant's voice is heard.

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Full-Day Training

genWHY's also offers full-day training sessions – eight hours of transformative insights, engaging activities, and customized content tailored to your organization's needs. Brace yourself for an experience that goes beyond the conventional, ensuring your team walks away not just informed but inspired.

First Half: Generational Diversity Unleashed! Our signature Generational Diversity training takes center stage in the first half. But hold on – it's not your typical lecture. Picture a dynamic blend of education and entertainment with our interactive game show. The result? A deep dive into generational dynamics that's as enlightening as it is entertaining.

Second Half: Your Training, Your Way! The second half is where the magic happens. Choose from a menu of topics like conflict resolution, effective listening, interviewing techniques, and strategic talent attraction and retention. We're not just here to talk at you; we're here to engage. Expect team exercises and facilitated conversations that bring the content to life, making your half-day training a hands-on, immersive experience.

Pre-Call Connection: It All Starts with You! Before the training kicks off, we connect with your team in a pre-call, ensuring that the content aligns seamlessly with your organization's goals and the unique needs of your attendees. It's not just a training; it's a partnership to create an experience that resonates.

Printable Manuals: A Tangible Takeaway! To enhance the learning journey, we provide printable manuals packed with key elements, ensuring that the insights gained during the training linger long after the session concludes. Your team doesn't just leave with knowledge; they leave with a tangible resource for ongoing growth.

Ideal for Intimate Gatherings: 30 Attendees or Less! To foster a personalized and interactive atmosphere, our half-day trainings are designed for intimate groups of 25-30 attendees maximum. It's not just a training session; it's a collaborative learning experience where every participant's voice is heard.

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Experience the transformative power of genWHY's engaging webinars, hosted by the renowned and highly engaging virtual trainer, Kristin. Elevate your lunch-and-learn sessions, off-site events, or career development training with content accessible to employees across the country and around the world.

Kristin, often hailed as one of the most engaging virtual trainers, leads genWHY's webinars, inspiring and motivating your employees towards more effective communication. Presentations can be customized for your industry or profession. Many webinars focus on Generational Diversity, however we also can cover a diverse range of soft-skill and leadership topics, all meticulously tailored to your unique needs.

Why Choose A Webinar? If your team is spread across a large geographical area or it is difficult to get your association members all under the same roof, a webinar might be perfect for you.

Unlock Post-Webinar Perks: Your Comprehensive Handout! Our commitment goes the extra mile. After the webinar,
you'll receive a comprehensive handout—a tangible resource filled with key statistics and crucial information.

Recording for your Learning Management System: Many customers opt to record the genWHY webinars and pay an
annual licensing fee to share the video on their Learning Management System. Please reach out to us if you are interested in keeping a recording for future use.

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